Avoid Awkward Encounters with Your Roommates

Take the Complications Out of Living with Your Tenants with Our Worry-Free Solution.

No More Uncomfortable Rent Conversations

It happens. People are late paying rent. But when it’s the person you’re living with and you’re the one collecting the cash, it can get uncomfortable. We want you to get paid. Rely on our automatic rent alerts, payments and notifications so you can avoid awkward encounters and get on to living peacefully together.

Formalize Maintenance Requests

Just like you don’t enjoy asking for money, chances are, your roommates are probably uncomfortable asking for help with maintenance issues. We take personalities out of the conversation by allowing maintenance requests to be filed online.

Transparency Helps Everyone Live Happily

Our online platform allows your tenants to pay rent online, giving both of you the peace of mind with clear transaction histories. We created RentMindMe specifically for landlords seeking a better way to manage their home. Increase transparency with your roommates for a better living experience starting right now.