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Pay your rent hassle free

  • Pay rent online—never mail another check
  • Set a recurring payment and say goodbye to late fees
  • Receive automated receipts for record keeping
  • Forget about multiple trips to the bank

Ready to your life?

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Pay your rent hassle free

  • Easily report maintenance needs from your phone or tablet
  • Reduce back and forth with photo and video attachments
  • Receive automated status updates on open issues
  • Get help to address small issues before they become big problems

Pay your rent hassle free

  • Access your rental payment history anytime
  • View digital copies of your lease and checklists
  • Communicate easily with your landlord
  • Track reminders for important lease intervals

Getting started as a tenant

Check out our tenant introduction video. This content will provide you a clear understanding of how to get started using to make your rental experience easy and convenient.

Your steps for getting started with

Step 1: Creating Your Profile

Step 2: Be Ready to Pay Rent

Resetting Your Password

Common Questions Tenants have asked offers online payments, maintenance requests, payment history and many more convenient tools for landlords and tenants to make renting easier. Our safe and secure web based software provides you with access to your information on your cell phone, tablet or laptop.

With you don’t have to worry about being home to take care of paying the rent. You can do it from anywhere you have an internet connection.

When signing in to your profile you should use as the web address for login.

In the event you have received an error when signing in you should make sure you are using the web address above. Clearing your browsers cache / browsing history can also provide a solution.

Your tenant account is almost complete. Login in to your profile and add a bank account so you are ready to pay rent when it is due.

Click the wallet icon on your dashboard and follow the steps to add your bank account. Verification will take 1-2 days so be sure to give yourself ample time to be ready by the time rent is due.

Absolutely, as a tenant you can call our support team when you need us by dialing 419-318-0664.

As a result of setting up your bank account, you will receive to small micro deposits for less than $1.00 each. Check your bank statement or login to your online banking to check for these values. 

They will be labeled as micro deposits. TIP: Look at the order in which the deposits hit your account and use the bottom one as the first deposit amount.

Additionally, these deposits could hit on different days depending on what time of day you start the bank verification process. Be sure to check for your microdeposits over a couple of day span.

If your landlord charges late fees, you just need to have paid rent before your late date. As soon as you submit a payment, RentMindMe updates your rent invoice status from due to paid. Late fee billing won’t happen if you submit before the late date. To ensure you pay on time each month, RentMindMe offers AutoPay which allows you to ‘set and forget’ your payment.

Your landlord will receive your payment within 1-2 business days. does offer a QuickPay feature that allows you to pay via credit or debit card.

Your landlord needs to enable this feature. If you are interested in paying via these methods, please get in touch with your landlord.

There is a transaction cost of 2.9% + .30 in addition to your rent amount. supports online payments for more than rent. In the event your landlord has a need to bill for things like excess water charges or other services/fees, our rental management software makes it easy for you both to handle those transactions.

RentMindMe’s ACH process is just like writing your landlord a physical check. Once the check is processed it takes time for the payment to batch and start routing to your landlord. Typically, it takes 2 business days for our ACH transactions to settle so you should see the funds withdrawn from your account the next day.

Tip: Setting up a bank account specificly for paying rent or other recurring bills allows you to transfer funds earmarked for bills while keeping an understanding of your accurate balance. Typically, banks offer a free checking account and if your financial situation is tight this is a great way to organize your money and stress less.

You will need to re-enter/re-verify your bank account. To address this:

  1. Login into your account by going to
  2. Click the wallet icon on your dashboard
  3. Delete the pending bank account
  4. Add a new one, be sure to double check the routing and account numbers.

Ready to put our technology to work for you?

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