A Simple Guide to Online Property Management Software

Let’s face it — computers and smartphones are part of our daily lives, sometimes we still like to take care of our business responsibilities the old fashioned way. We get it. Manually inputting your information is ingrained in your process. It’s what you know. But it can also present a series of challenges and leave room for human error that online property management software removes.

We understand that letting go is hard to do, especially when you have a process that seemingly works fine. To help you understand your options, we developed a simple guide to online property management software. In this post, we explain the process of adopting software and how it can help simplify your life.

In the event, you are new to landlording or thinking about purchasing properties, use this guide as an introduction to your options for streamlining property management responsibilities. 

Solving 5 Common Challenges with Online Property Management Software


Set it and Forget it: Manage Billing and Follow-Up 

Online property management software like RentMindMe.com gives your business a tried and true structure. Most importantly, it helps you automate your tasks, like collecting rent from your tenants. 

Giving your tenants an online option to pay their rent is very helpful. Many people pay all of their bills online already. Online rent payments make sense. When everything happens online, automatically, you’ll be notified when payments come through. With our platform, your funds are also directly deposited into your bank account, so you’ll always be able to keep track of payments. 

Online solutions for your rentals help you increase efficiencies so you can focus on growing your business. 

Create a Centralized Hub for Your Property Information

Don’t worry about misplacing paperwork or losing track of essential data. With online property management software, everything you need is available on your profile. You benefit from increased transparency for your business with pre-populated information for each unit, tenant, and lease. 

An online solution also helps you scale and assemble a team much more accessible than attempted to do this manually. You’ll be able to reduce confusion and provide quick answers to maintenance requests or payment concerns. 

Forget using manual methods like spreadsheets and rely on a solution that allows you to access any information you need with a few clicks effortlessly. 

Get Instant Notifications and Stay in the Know 

An online property management software ensures that you get the notifications you need because we know visibility is essential. For example, the moment your tenant pays rent, you’ll know. With RentMindMe, we also alert you when your tenants enroll, set up their bank account, and set up AutoPay.

Most software also provides instant updates. When you are working in a centralized hub, connected information is updated immediately, which helps you save time and avoid out of date documentation. 

If you pair the alerts from your online property management software with alerts from your bank account, you’ll know when your money is coming in and deposits into your bank account. An easier life is simple when you have the right tools in place. 

Streamline Communication with Your Tenants

A consistent communication hub reduces the chance that your tenants will get lost in translation. How many times have you had to track down a message from them because they’re using phone calls, emails, and texts? Online property management software keeps everything in one place. 

Tenants benefit as well because they’ll have instant visibility into their important information, including lease terms, payment history, work orders (if you turn them on), and other documents. 

Plus, on RentMindMe, our Tenant Bulletins and Violation Notifications help you generate these communications easier with pre-populated information. 

Reduce Paperwork and Reconciliation Efforts

Good software takes the peripheral tasks you do manually become automatic. When tax season rolls around, you can give your accountant access to your software, or you can provide them with clear and concise reports. All of this automation saves you ample time and money. 

A Solution Designed by People Just Like You 

We know the trials and tribulations that can come with owning rental properties. That’s why we created RentMindMe. We’re Ben and Dina Lynch, the owners and developers of this online property management software. 

We combined more than 23 years as landlords and business owners to help other landlords and property managers put business systems in place, intending to help them become more efficient and profitable in their daily operations. Having gone from a whiteboard, filing cabinet, spreadsheets, and reminders on our phones, we understand first-hand how the transition to technology can feel like letting go. Digital records aren’t as tangible, but we promise you — when you get that first digital check and realize how easy it was for you and your tenants, you’ll share that “Whoooohoooo” moment like we do every month!

Have questions? We’re always available to help. Get in touch with us today

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