Dealing with tenant communication issues? Leverage technology!

Do you experience communication challenges with your tenants? You might not experience them all the time, but from time to time they arise. Many landlords take for granted that tenants are our customers in the same way we choose to shop at a specific retailer, our tenants choose to rent from us when there are other home providers they could choose.

A recent article by the American Apartment Owners Association highlights 5 ways to better communicate with challenging tenants. As a result of reading this article, I’d like to share 4 ways RentMindMe enhances landlord and tenant communication.

Removing personalities

As a billing software, RentMindMe takes the human element out of rent billing. In other words, we provide an impartial, non-personal solution for collecting rent. In addition to automated billing and collection, we’ll save you time by directly depositing your rent money into your designated bank account.

Convenient tool that saves your tenants time

Not only does RentMindMe save you as a landlord or property manager by reducing the time you need to spend manage your rent collection, your tenants save time too. On average tenants can pay rent in under 45 seconds, saving them time. In addition to time savings, your tenants have access to their payment history which is built each time they submit a payment in RentMindMe.

Reporting maintenance needs without stress

RentMindMe provides tenants the option to report maintenance needs electronically through our Work Orders feature. Regardless of when an issue is reported, tenants have the ability to attach pictures or video of the problem. Because you offer a tool for reporting maintenance requests, your tenants will know you are open to addressing their needs.

Organization and Consistency

By implementing a rental management software, you demonstrate that you are an organized landlord or property manager. RentMindMe provides landlord and property managers with business processes that provide a consistent rental experience for everyone. Between the presentation of lease details, photos and documents your tenants will appreciate the transparency that provides.

Ready when you are

Are you ready to put business systems in place that will take your rental business to next level? We are here to help you when you are ready. Whether it be a scheduled demo, a support call or helping to onboard your tenants, RentMindMe’s team is here for you.

For more information on how our software works for landlords like you, check out our how it works page.

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