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Subscription Features Included
Prescheduled rent reminders
Bill for monthly fees like water, trash, parking, or convenience fees to offset subscription
Automatic enforcement of late fees
Instant bank verification*
Support for Section 8 (HUD) and other subsidies
Option to record collectin of cash and money orders
Automated receipt generation for upon payment of rent
Deposit management by business entity
Easy reconciliation of deposit activity
Upload of photos to verify pre-occupancy state of units
Shared documents with tenants - leases, disclosures, checklists
On-demand access to data and reports
FREE Customer support when you need it - 419-318-0664
Tenants can pay rent via Credit or Debit card
Send one communication to all tenants using Bulletins
More features added monthly - always included with your subscription

   *Instant authorization feature is subject to your banking institution supporting that functionality.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Setup is fast and easy,  it takes the average user less than 1 minute. Once you are setup, just add your bank account, property, lease and tenant information and you’re all set.

We use the information you provide us to automate your experience.  We have reduced the amount of effort you and your tenants have to put in to getting setup so that you can start seeing the benefits of automating your rental property management immediately.

For more details, check out our blog post to for specific details about how to get setup.

Absolutely! RentMindMe has been designed to help you better manage your real estate investments regardless of your portfolio size. Do you need help getting your tenants on the software? We are happy to help, just call us at 419-318-0664.

RentMindMe makes it easy by providing you with an email template, along with our Tenant 101 doc that you can send to your tenants before you invite them . This document is designed to provide an easy to read, easy to follow, step-by-step guide for your tenants to get started using RentMindMe. Additionally, we provide support for you and your tenants – free of charge.

For more information, checkout this blog post that walks you through what your tenant experience looks like.

RentMindMe allows you to enter a subsidy amount when creating a lease. This subsidy amount is deduce thted from the total rent your tenant owes each month. When the rent reminder is sent your tenants subsidy amount is subtracted from their total owed allowing them a clear understanding of their total responsibility.

We offer email, in-app feedback, messaging and phone support for you and your tenants to answer any questions that come up.  We are US based and here to provide guidance on how to best use RentMindMe to fit your business model and to listen to any suggestions you have about the application.

RentMindMe notifies your tenants when rent is due, saving you the time spent chasing rent. When your tenant pays rent, you are notified immediately and a digital check is delivered to your email within seconds. The funds are directly deposited into your bank account within 3 business days. RentMindMe offers the ability to set up recurring payments so your tenants can “set it and forget it”!

Our property management software allows you to structure the collection of rent to accommodate diverse business needs like managing multiple companies with different business bank accounts, or organizing rent collection by Single Family, Multi Family or Commercial Properties. RentMindMe makes property management easy!

RentMindMe provides automated rent reminders that are configurable by lease. In addition, your tenant’s experience is easy and convenient, taking the hassle out of paying rent. For additional information on improving your rent collection stats you can check out our blog post.

RentMindMe improves your rent collection times by offering an easy and straight forward process for your tenants. Visit our blog for more information on how to improve rent collection times with

RentMindMe sends your tenants instructions that outline what they need to do to complete their profile.

The focus of this communication is on setting up their bank account so they are ready to pay rent when the due date arrives. 

RentMindMe provides a single source of communication for you and your tenants. From rent notifications to receipts to online submission and management of maintenance request, everyone involved stays up to speed with communication. As our software grows we will be adding SMS texting and in-app messaging to provide even more focused communication.

RentMindMe has 5 layers of security to protect our users data:

  1. Access to our application requires enrollment and authentication. No one can access it without a login and password.
  2. All passwords require numbers, a capital letter and a special character for added security.
  3. We have an SSL Certificate that verifies our domain is secure.  On mobile, a lock icon will appear in front of the domain to indicate that it is a secure connection.
  4. We communicate bank information with our third party PCI compliant partners using an API that requires  secret keys in order for the communication to work. We do not store any bank information. All of that is sent via an encrypted communication to our PCI compliant processor.
  5. We do not sell or share any personal information.

RentMindMe makes the management of duplex, triplex, fourplex and multi-family rental units easy. Common space work orders allow your tenants to submit maintenance requests associated with common areas alerting other tenants to the maintenance need and reducing the number of duplicate requests you receive.

Yes, you will need access to both the email you initially enrolled with and the email you plan to use.

To make the update, navigate to your profile to make the appropriate updates. Your profile is located in the top right corner on laptops or PC’s. On mobile, you can find your profile by tapping the three lines in the bottom right of the navigation menu.

As a result of updating your email address, a token will be sent to your previously used email. You will have 10 minutes to retrieve the information that will be necessary to change the email associated with your profile.

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