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If you could do 5 minutes of work today that would save you hours of work each month, would you do it?

If the answer is YES, the solution is RentMindMe! Putting our property management software to work means you can stop texting, emailing, and calling to collect rent. Let us do it for you with automated reminders, recurring payment options,  3 day direct deposits and more.

As DIY landlords ourselves, we know that tracking down rent, spending time reconciling the bank account and managing maintenance needs is work. That’s why we built RentMindMe. We’ve simplified our lives by using technology to manage our rental properties, and you can too.

Save time, get your rent money faster and streamline your processes, all in a matter of minutes. Sign up today for a FREE demo so you can stop having to plan your life around rent collection.

One software solution for all of your real estate investment properties.

Single FamilY Rentals (SFR)

Multi-family Rentals (MFR)

Commercial Properties

Improve Cash Flow

Collect rent online and receive a digital check instantly via email when your tenants pay rent. The cash arrives in your bank account in 2-3 business days. You'll even see collection stats improve because your tenants will pay rent sooner!

Save Time

Say goodbye to chasing rent through texts, emails and coordinating schedules with your tenants. RentMindMe's features include automated rent reminders, invoicing for rent, monthly fees, managing subsidies (Section 8) and late fees.

Keep Tenants Longer

Provide your tenants with tools that make their rental experience a breeze. From rent reminders, to setting up recurring payments, to online access to their lease details, payment history and work orders.

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