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Our features make property management easy

Property Management Software for Landlords

Once you enter your property, tenant and lease details our software automatically generates reminders, invoices and directly deposits your rent payments. Our adaptable rental management software easily tracks of all your rental properties on one platform. RentMindMe streamlines ACH payments, communication, and reporting for landlords regardless of portfolio size.

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Key Benefits

Automated Billing & Collection of Rent

Give your tenants the flexibility of online rent collection! Receive ACH rent payments directly to your bank account. Schedule tenant payment reminders and automatic late fees.

Easily Track Rent Status - Who Owes What

Regardless of the type of rentals you are managing, RentMindMe helps you and your team stay organized with our comprehensive landlord dashboard. Track payments, communicate with tenants, and analyze profit reports.

Flexible Management Options

Not every landlord conducts business the same way. Our rental management software easily adapts to your needs, giving you control over how funds are received and reported.

Pricing that includes all features

Whether you have 1 rental property or 100, every RentMindMe customer gets access to our entire suite of property management software features.


1–9 Leases
$ 4
Per active lease / month


10–20 Leases
$ 2
Per active lease / month


21+ Leases
$ 1
Per active lease / month

Included Features

Feature Benefit
Automated invoicing and rent reminders We automatically generate rent invoices and reminders for tenants. You can add custom monthly fees for pets, parking, trash or any other itemized monthly charges.
Automatic late fee calculations If you charge late fees, the system will automatically apply them to the invoice when the payment is late.
Custom Invoicing Bill for things outside of monthly rent and fees. Available when you need them and sent to tenants immediately.
Detailed Reporting Keep track of your details with transaction reporting, reconciliation reports, lease ledgers, and tenant history reports.
AutoPay Tenants can schedule their payments for the same day every month and forget about the need to login to send their rent payment.
Partial Pay Control whether or not to allow partial payments on a tenant-by-tenant basis.
Maintenance Requests Tenants can easily report maintenance needs from their phone by sending a picture and description of the issue. Maintenance requests can be turned on or off.
Bulletins and Violation Notifications Save time by communicating with tenants using the bulletins for general communications or leave violations when you need to enforce your policies.
Photo & Document Storage Provide copies of signed leases, photos of the unit condition prior to move in, move in/move out checklists to tenants. Photos and documents are always available and easily accessible via your tenant's phone.
Invite Team members Allows you to invite your team to help you manage your portfolio. All team members receive notifications so everyone is always on the same page.
Contacts Management Store your contacts and share them with team members so you have one place
Assets & Equipment Management Manage all of the assets and equipment at your properties. Track the age of water heaters, hvac units and other important details associated with your rental portfolio.

For more questions about our features, call our Customer Support Team at 419-319-0664.

Ready to get started?

Step 1

Sign Up

It only takes a minute to sign up and the first 60 days are free. Take it for a test run.  We are confident you will love the results.

Step 2

Connect Your Bank

Connecting your bank takes minutes. Once you’re setup, tenants can pay their rent online and the money will be directly deposited into your bank account. Every transaction is recorded, keeping you organized and on track.

Step 3

Add Your Properties

Tell us the basic details about your properties, leases and tenants including addresses, emails and due dates. Rest assured, everything in our database is secure, so you and your tenants information is kept 100% private. We’ll send invites directly to your tenants to help them get their accounts setup and automate the billing processes, saving you hours every month.


Yes! RentMindMe improves your rent collection times by offering an easy and straight forward process for your tenants. Visit our blog for more information on how to improve rent collection times with

RentMindMe sends your tenants instructions that outline what they need to do to complete their profile.

The focus of this communication is on setting up their bank account so they are ready to pay rent when the due date arrives. 

RentMindMe provides a single source of communication for you and your tenants. From rent notifications to receipts to online submission and management of maintenance request, everyone involved stays up to speed with communication. 

Tenants can receive rent reminders via text / SMS and our bulletin functionality lets you communicate with one or all tenants using a single message. Your bulletin is delivered via text, email and in-app so you can rest assured that your tenants will receive your messages.

RentMindMe has 5 layers of security to protect our users data:

  1. Access to our application requires enrollment and authentication. No one can access it without a login and password.
  2. All passwords require numbers, a capital letter and a special character for added security.
  3. We have an SSL Certificate that verifies our domain is secure.  On mobile, a lock icon will appear in front of the domain to indicate that it is a secure connection.
  4. We communicate bank information with our third party PCI compliant partners using an API that requires  secret keys in order for the communication to work. We do not store any bank information. All of that is sent via an encrypted communication to our PCI compliant processor.
  5. We do not sell or share any personal information.

Yes! RentMindMe makes the management of duplex, triplex, fourplex and multi-family rental units easy. Common space work orders allow your tenants to submit maintenance requests associated with common areas alerting other tenants to the maintenance need and reducing the number of duplicate requests you receive.

Yes! You will need access to both the email you initially enrolled with and the email you plan to use.

To make the update, navigate to your profile to make the appropriate updates. Your profile is located in the top right corner on laptops or PC’s. On mobile, you can find your profile by tapping the three lines in the bottom right of the navigation menu.

As a result of updating your email address, a token will be sent to your previously used email. You will have 10 minutes to retrieve the information that will be necessary to change the email associated with your profile.

RentMindMe processes payments through ACH which is very similar to your tenant writing you a check.

Funds from rent payments will be deposited into your account within 2-3 business days depending on when the payment is initated and whether or not there are any holidays happening.

As an example, if a holiday like July 4th happens in the middle of the week, your rent payment will be delayed by a day due to the bank holiday and the federal banking system being closed.

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