RentMindMe automates your task list

5 minutes of work today can eliminate 90% of your work indefinitely.

Getting started with RentMindMe is easy, our short tutorial videos are intened to help you get started quickly

Landlords / Property Managers

  • Sign up (approximately 1 minute)
  • Add a property, lease and tenant(s)
  • Setup a bank account to collect rent
  • Tenants get their invite immediately after setup


  • Receive and open their invite
  • Set a password and login
  • Sets up a bank account to pay rent
  • Clicks pay now when rent is due

Additional Content for Landlords

Receiving Rent Payments

Setting Up a Property

Collecting Rent Manually

Tips and Tricks

Grouping Tutorial

Custom Invoicing

Accepting Credit or Debit Cards

Bulletin Communications

Collecting Cash or Money Orders

Are you a tenant looking for support? Check out our tenant support content.