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About us

We are landlords who started RentMindMe because of inefficiencies we saw in our own property management methods. Hiring a property manager was never an option for us. We want to maximize profits and paying a high salary to a property manager wouldn’t provide us the return on investment we were looking for. But after taking into account the amount of texts, emails, and phone calls we received, as well as all the trips to the bank and rent collection visits, we realized we needed a more efficient process to manage our rental portfolio. 

Before developing RentMindMe, we spent over 3.5 hours each month driving around to collect and deposit rent. Our rental portfolio is not our sole source of income. This time spent repetitively driving and communicating with each tenant was negatively affecting our other businesses. We needed to find a solution.

We started by looking for existing online property management software solutions and didn’t find a service that fit all of our needs. As a result, we created RentMindMe. We leveraged technology to create business systems that alleviate repetitive, time consuming tasks that eat away at profit margins. Following months of development and testing, we are proud to share the most efficient property management software with you! 

Our mission at RentMindMe is to provide effective and streamlined rent collection, reporting, and communication for landlords at an affordable price. RentMindMe’s easy-to-use platform will support you in earning the highest profits possible from your rental portfolio. Have questions? Drop us a line! We love our software and are always excited to walk fellow landlords through the features and systems we built into RentMindMe.

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