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Invoicing & Payments

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Collecting Cash / Money Orders

Some tenants want to continue paying cash or submitting a money order. No problem, allows for collection of physical payments while maintaining your reporting capabilities.

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Adjusting an Invoice

Let’s face it, life happens. At times you might need to waive a late fee or adjust a invoice balance. RentMindMe allows landlords and property managers to easily handle real life situtaions.

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Custom Invoicing

Collect security deposits, bill for charges outside of rent or recreate an invoice that you needed to void. Custom invoices have a late date but they do not accumulate late fees.

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Accepting Credit & Debit Cards

Tenants want convenient tools and at times that might include the ability to pay online using their credit or debit card. Landlords using RentMindMe can elect to process card payments.

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Bulletin Communications

Communicate with one, a group or all tenants with a message sent via email, text, and in app. Landlords and property managers can choose how long the bulletin stays available to their tenants.

Management Features for Landlords

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Lease Templates

Do you have the same rules for all of your lease? Use lease templates to save time as you add new properties to your account.

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Adding Company Users

RentMindMe makes it easy for landlords or property managers to invite their team members to help them manage their rental portfolios.

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Managing Income & Expenses

Property Owners can easily track the income and expenses associated with their rental portfolios. As you track your expenses, RentMindMe builds a profit and loss statement so you are always aware of how your investment is performing.

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Recording Time Worked

Are you a real estate professional? Are you curious about how much time it takes you to manage your portfolio? Use RentMindMe’s time recording feature to track how much time managing your rental portfolio actually takes.

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Tenant Lease Ledgers

From the moment your lease is created, RentMindMe is building a lease ledger so you can track all of the debits and credits to a lease and tenants account.

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Accepting Partial Payments

RentMindMe gives landlords the flexibility to collect partial payments. From time to time, you might need to extend flexibility to your tenants on when they pay. Partial payments can be turned on or off as needed to support the real life scenarios we know landlords deal with.

Answers to Common Questions

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Resetting Your Password

Locked out of your account? No problem, you can reset your RentMindMe password. This features works the same way for landlords or tenants.

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Tips and Tricks

We are landlords too! This tips and tricks video is designed to provide guidance on how we handle certain aspects of property management.

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