7 Maintenance Management Tips for Rental Properties

Maintenance management for your properties is a massive part of your business operations. Keeping your spaces updated and free from issues is critical to positive relationships with your tenants. 

As you prep, your units for your future tenants, think about who you want to attract to the space. What are your expectations for daily activities and living arrangements — from bringing in the groceries to appliance updates and amenities. You’ll also want to consider how you’ll handle the outdoor property and take care of any issues around inclement weather. 

In this post, we outline seven maintenance management tips to keep in mind for desirable, worry-free properties.  

Maintenance Management Tips to Create Liveable Properties 


Tip 1: Remove Carpet and Replace with Vinyl Click Flooring

There are plenty of reasons to remove carpeting from your rental units. Probably the biggest reason is the cleanliness factor. Others include: 

  • Easier to install and replace when needed
  • It’s water-resistant
  • Can easily wipe clean
  • Reduced built-up dust and allergens
  • Creates faster turnover between tenants 

Tip 2: Get Your Main Sewer Line Hydro Jetted

Hydro jetting your sewer line can help prevent clogs and backups, which can eventually lead to costly repairs and replacements. Other benefits include: 

  • The process is much more thorough than snaking
  • Most services come with a tree root growth guarantee
  • Cleanings are generally covered no matter the size 

Tip 3: Ensure Water Drains Away from Your Unit

You want to avoid flooding and water issues at all costs. These can cause ample damage and further maintenance issues around mold and rot. Other reasons to ensure water drains away from the unit include: 

  • Leads to less mud and water getting tracked into the house
  • Can help everything in the home remain clean 

Tip 4: Provide a Covered Entrance Whenever Possible

Sometimes homes aren’t built with a covered entrance, but the installation of an awning or cover is relatively easy and inexpensive. It’s well worth it because it gives your tenants somewhere to escape the rain and wipe off shoes before entering your unit.

Tip 5: Add More Counter Space

The kitchen is the heart of the home. When you provide simple upgrades and more room to prep food, they will be more likely to plant roots and feel comfortable cooking and preparing meals at home. This addition can increase interest in your units. 

Tip 6: Seal Up Any Opportunities for Air or Pests to Enter Home

Nothing is worse than a draft into your unit. Not only is it wasting energy, but it’s also creating an opportunity for pests to enter the home. 

  • Use spray foam to seal around pipes and openings to the outside
  • Ensure that you’re sealing cabinet areas

Tip 7: Minimize Outdoor Maintenance Management Needs 

You can help to avoid potential problems by keeping tabs on common maintenance issues with rental units. These include: 

  • Remove trees from around the unit
  • Install low maintenance shrubs
  • Avoid leaving empty areas of landscaping that could attract weeds

When you simplify the landscaping, you’ll create lower maintenance areas. 

Bonus Tip

Standardize Your Supplies

One of our favorite tricks is creating a standard supply list for all of our units. We use the same brands and colors for materials like paint, faucets, and windows. This trick helps us spend less time choosing products and leads to quicker turnarounds and more cash flow. You can also use excess supplies and carry them over from one job to the next. 

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