Automating rental property management for DIY Landlords

Have you dreamed of having an assistant?

As DIY Landlords ourselves, we have often dreamed of having an assistant. Someone there for us to follow through on the little details we have forgotten. But then reality sets in and we realize that the freedom our portfolio affords us is due to self managing our rentals.  We’ve talked to a lot of colleagues and they had similar sentiments. That’s why we created RentMindMe, to automate property management and put technology to work for everyday landlords like us.

Good Investors vs. Great Investors

The difference between being good and being great, is in your attention to detail. Life gets busy, especially when you are dealing with rental properties. Each rental unit is its own little eco-system and runs at its own pace. Keeping up with each eco-system while working a full-time job is a challenge. Throw in family commitments and you understand why good starts to feel like enough. Putting solid, repeatable processes that work for you is one way to start making the transition from good to great. Your transition can start right now, with RentMindMe.

Our property management software automates your rental business, running in the background to help keep you on point. RentMindMe puts automation to work for you and handles the mundane tasks that suck your time.

Start by taking a step to get out of the rat race

For many of us, getting out of the rat race is our primary motivation to starting in real estate, but we are often bootstrapping our start. Regardless of your rental portfolio size, RentMindMe sets you up with professional grade tools that let you run your business, instead of your business running you.

What does automation actually provide?

Automating your rental business is more than just collecting rent electronically. Imagine having distinct points on the spectrum of your lease trigger actions and subsequent reactions that make property management happen at the click of a button. RentMindMe simplifies managing your rental properties.

Are you an out of town landlord? RentMindMe is structured to allow you to have your maintenance team in place without loosing visibility into what’s going on. The best part is you maintain control of the flow of your money.

Are you ready to automate the management of your rental properties? RentMindMe is ready to help! Sign up today at

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