Three benefits of a virtual assistant for DIY Landlords

Are you working full time and hoping that rental real estate will be your ticket out of the rate race? It can be! And RentMindMe can help you achieve that dream. Here are three benefits of having a virtual assistant for managing your real estate investments.

Benefit 1: Rent Collection

RentMindMe will send gentle reminders to pay rent to your tenants. This works on a couple of different levels. Tenants have the convenience of paying online so they save time. In the event they are late, RentMindMe will enforce the late fees. Once rent is paid, you get the money deposited into your bank account within 2-3 business days.

Additional Benefits of RentMindMe’s Rent Collection feature:

  • Keep more money in your pocket because you don’t spend time, gas and mileage on your vehicle coordinating rent pickup.
  • Get cash in the bank faster
  • Forget about waiting on the check to arrive in the mail
  • Blame the software when your tenants say they can’t pay

Benefit 2: Awareness of Important Lease Dates

Life gets busy, that’s why RentMindMe notifies you and your tenants about important lease intervals. You don’t have to set the reminders to yourself to address things like quarterly inspections, furnace filter changes – RentMindMe does it for you when you set up a lease. RentMindMe gives you and your tenants the ability to work through lease renewals with the click of a button.

Benefit 3: Only hire professionals when you need them

RentMindMe automates property management for you. There is always a debate between ROI saved by self-managing and the value of your time. RentMindMe is lets you balance ROI with time savings allowing you to save both time and money.


This article is an introduction to the benefits you will derive from RentMindMe’s property management software. Visit our website to learn more about RentMindMe’s features and how easy it is to put a virtual assistant to work for you. If you’re ready to get started, you can sign up using 60FREE at checkout to get your first 60 days on us.

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