Tools within RentMindMe that make rental management easy

Managing rental properties provides great “passive income” but what if you could make that “passive income” a little more passive? That was our thought process when we set out to build RentMindMe. When you have the right tools in place, you can make owning and operating rental properties a breeze.

Know your tenant’s setup status

Inviting tenants to RentMindMe is easy and is part of your setup work flow. Invites happen automatically as a result of setting up your properties and leases. Because they happen automatically we’ve designed our rental management software to give you a clear understanding of where each tenant stands with regard to setting up their free profile.

RentMindMe puts you in the drivers seat by providing notifications when tenants create their free profile, setup and verify their bank account and if they opt in to AutoPay. Knowing your tenants are ready to pay rent puts your mind at ease and helps you understand who to follow up with before rent billing starts.

Communication Tools

Managing rentals goes beyond collecting rent. When you need to communicate with your tenants about maintenance needs or upcoming dates, RentMindMe automates your communication to save you time and keep you in the loop.

When a maintenance request is created, you and your tenants both get alerted. As the issue gets resolved, you all stay in the loop with email/text notifications of updates and work being completed.

One click communications

RentMindMe’s Bulletin feature allows you the option to communicate a single message three ways (email, text and in app). You select whether you want to communicate with a single tenant, group or all tenants at the same time. You can say goodbye to copying and pasting texts or emails. Streamline your work flow with bulletin messages.

Status Alerts, Payment Notifications and Reports

We know you are busy. As a landlord or property manager things come up that require your focus to shift. That’s why RentMindMe sends you notifications when things come up. Whether its a digital check as soon as rent is paid, a daily receivables report which allows you to see what’s changed with your payments in the last 24 hours or sending batch deposit reports to all admin users on the system. We pride our software on its transparency. You shouldn’t have to login every day to understand what’s going on. That’s what we mean when we talk about a rental management software becoming an extension of the way you work.

Automated Lease Management

Never miss another opportunity to manage a lease renewal. RentMindMe sends you a notification 90 days prior to your lease end date. This notification prompts you to tell us how you’d like to proceed at lease expiration.

You manage your renewal terms. The choice is yours to renew, offer new terms or decline renewal. The decision you make is automatically communicated to your tenants via email and in app.

As you can see, RentMindMe has been built with landlords and property managers in mind. Check out our full list of features at If you’ve got questions we are here to help and if you’d like to schedule a demo our team would love to show you how to make managing your rentals easier.

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