Why DIY Landlords should resolve to establish business systems in 2019

Are you a DIY Landlord or looking to become one in 2019? As the year gets started, let’s talk about the benefits you can realize from implementing business systems to save time, money and improve your communication with tenants.

Time is Money, are you wasting it?

Ask yourself these questions before we go any further…

  • How much are your tenants tipping you to drive over and pick up rent?
  • When your tenants are late, how often do you enforce your late fee?
  • Did you miss opportunities to raise rent in 2018?
  • How quickly are you able to manage a turnover?

Are you a productive, efficient landlord?

Did you pause before answering any of the these? Did you realize that you could be doing better managing your rental investments? You’re not alone. Many DIY Landlords struggle with these issues. Life gets hectic, and its easy to forget little details that you meant to follow up on. The most important example that used to nag at us was missing our window to raise rent. Leaving money on the table is never good!

Make self managing your rental properties easier

RentMindMe is your virtual assistant and your answer for more effectively self-managing your rental properties.

Once you have a property setup on our property management software, RentMindMe does the grunt work for you…

Spending time sending texts or emails trying to coordinate rent pickup? RentMindMe sends rent notices for you. When rent is paid, you’ll have it automatically deposited into your bank account within 2-3 business days.

Feeling uncomfortable enforcing late fees? Put RentMindMe in place as your middle man. Tenants receive notifications everyday they are late on their payments. You win by getting help collecting the additional money owed.

Missing opportunities to raise rent? RentMindMe watches the lease end dates and alerts you when it’s time to renew a lease. You can even set a predetermined rent increase amount or percentage for going month to month.

Standardizing your materials from rental unit to rental unit? RentMindMe helps establish and manage your standards, saving you time and money with turnovers.

Having a virtual assistant makes sense on every level

On top of having an assistant there to support your business, tenants will appreciate the convenience of having the ability to pay online and set up recurring payments if they choose. With RentMindMe in place, tenants will have an easy way to report maintenance issues. Our easy to follow submission form allows your tenants to upload of a photo or video helping to streamline communication and improve responses to their needs.

RentMindMe is provides an easy win for DIY Landlords to implement powerful business systems. What are you waiting for? Let 2019 be the year you put systems in place and give yourself the gift of time to focus on your personal resolutions!

Save time, save money and increase your efficiency with our online property management software. Sign up today and get your first 60 days.

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