3 Benefits of Managing Lease Violations with RentMindMe.com

We’ve talked extensively on the topic of online rent collection, but there’s more to managing rental properties than collecting rent. Tenant communication and making sure you keep up on what’s going on in your units is just as important. We know from experience that keeping up with documentation is a tall order, especially when you have competiting priorities. That’s why we created RentMindMe.com in the first place, not only is it one place to keep track of your portfolio but it also provides you an opportunity to leverage the data you’ve entered to create records like custom invoices, lease violations, bulletins and keep them organized.

When a tenant violates your lease agreement, you can use Lease Violations to notify them of what happened and provide some guidance for corrective action. To save you time, RentMindMe communicates the notification via email, text and in app.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of using rental management software here are 3 benefits of managing lease violations with RentMindMe.com.

Benefit 1 – Less Paperwork

Because RentMindMe is cloud based so you can say goodbye to maintaining hard copy files. You don’t have to go to the office to retrieve information, you’ll have access to it anywhere you have an internet connection. Each lease violation you becomes part of your tenants lease history for easy record keeping.

Benefit 2 – Less Error Prone

RentMindMe uses the data you provide during setup as the baseline for everything you do. Because we centralize everything on the properties, you reduce the likliness of errors when violations are created. You also have a lot less data entry compared to doing things “old school”.

Benefit 3 – Consolidated Communications

Your time is valuable, that’s why we’ve tailored RentMindMe to work like you do. Why waste time recreating communications or copying and pasting text into your various texts or emails. RentMindMe allows you to create your message once and broadcast it across each available channel.

Features to fit your needs

RentMindMe’s features allow you to upgrade your processes without the steep learning curve. So whether you consider yourself to be tech savvy or not, RentMindMe helps streamline your life as a landlord so you can focus on what matters most. Checkout our YouTube video to learn more about how to put tools like Lease Violations to work for you.

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