Advantages of RentMindMe for landlords and rental managers

I recently had a conversation with a group of our landlord users. To hear them provide their perspectives on the product we have built has been fascinating. At the same time, it makes you take a second and reflect.

So often we get caught up focusing on the end goal that we don’t take a second to pause and appreciate all that we have achieved. I was so inspired by hearing what was being shared that I decided to share them with you.

Here is a quick summary of what our users pointed out as the advantages of our rental management software.

Automated Billing of Rent and other monthly charges

RentMindMe goes beyond rent and captures the specifics of what landlords need to bill on a monthly basis. Be it pet fees, utility charges, late fees (when applicable). What our users have come to appreciate is the backbone that RentMindMe provides them in enforcing their rent collection.

Landlords and Property Managers can set the billing window at lease creation so anywhere from 5 days before to the day rent is due, tenants receive an automated rent reminder so that by the time their due date rolls around they are prepared to pay rent. RentMindMe even reminds tenants the day before rent is late so they can avoid costly late fees.

Custom Invoicing

Over the course of a lease landlords may need to bill for things such as utilities, reimbursements, etc. RentMindMe makes it easy to bill for these expenses by allowing landlords and property managers to create custom invoices. The invoices are added to the tenant’s balance and collected along with the rent.

Before RentMindMe, many of our landlord users either didn’t follow up on the collection of monies owed or they were having to do a lot of chasing. Now that they have RentMindMe, they have greater control over their billing, and it’s all done a dashboard that puts them in the driver seat and managing their rental properties with ease.

Direct Deposit within 2-3 business days

Save that trip to the bank or having to manage your deposits. Rent payments collected within RentMindMe are deposited into the landlord’s bank account within 2-3 business days depending on holidays. Landlords and property managers can even tell us which rental units deposit to which target bank accounts.

Managing more than one rental portfolio? No problem, our grouping feature lets you control how payments are deposited.

Waiving and Pausing late fee accumulations

There are times when tenants communicate that life pops up. When they do, you need the flexibility to adjust your billing. As a result, RentMindMe not only allows you to adjust your invoices it also allows you to stop the late fee accumulations. As landlords ourselves we have experienced firsthand the need for tenants to pay ½ on one day and ½ on another. When this happens, you’ll need flexibility. RentMindMe makes it easy to deal with real life rental management scenarios.

Debit Card / Credit Card Processing

Tenants appreciate options when it comes to being able to pay rent. The more options you offer and the more convenient you make paying rent, the better results you can expect for on time collection. RentMindMe offers our QuickPay feature that allows tenants to pay online with their debit or credit card even if they haven’t created a RentMindMe account.

Just another way RentMindMe makes managing rental properties easy!

Bulletin Communications

Bulletins provide landlords an easy way to communicate one message with one or many tenants at the same time. One message is displayed in app, via email and via SMS / text message. Bulletins reduce the need to copy & paste multiple messages to tenants if you were using traditional communication channels. The best part is Bulletins allow you to keep tenant information private from other tenants.

We look forward to helping you

If the features described above can simplify your life as rental property owner or manager, we can’t wait to help! We know that it takes time to get a new process implemented, that’s why we offer free support to all landlords and tenants along with 2 billing cycles free.

Sign up today and start adding freedom and flexibility to the things you enjoy about having rental properties.

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