Quick guide to Work Orders in RentMindMe

Work Orders within RentMindMe streamline communication by providing your tenants a method for reporting maintenance needs. As DIY Landlords ourselves, we encourage our tenants to call our attention to small problems so they don’t become big issues down the line.

What will using Work Orders do for my tenants and me?

Prior to RentMindMe, we would get vague text messages from our tenants regarding maintenance needs. As a result, a string of back and forth texts would ensue as we attempted to diagnose the problem.

With RentMindMe, tenants complete an online request that helps them to clearly communicate their problem. After they submit it, each of us get an email acknowledging the Work Order has been created.

Tenant’s don’t have to worry about what time of day they are getting in touch. All our tenants have to do is provide the requested details. We receive and prioritize the request.

 Summary of additional features

In addition to streamlining communication, Work Orders provide:

  • An ability toattach photos or video
  • Additional notifications after an update and when the work order is closed
  • Notes / messages which serve to keep an inline communication record

Where do my tenants see open Work Orders?

Tenants see a list of the open work orders on their dashboard. Clicking the issue name opens the item so they can add notes or additional attachments as needed.

Have a maintenance need you are getting around to addressing?

No worries, RentMindMe allows landlords to create work orders and set them to hidden. This means that you have control over when you execute the maintenance work without alerting your tenants. Whether you have a team addressing maintenance needs or you handle them yourself, RentMindMe allows you to keep a list of maintenance needs and assign who is responsible for completing the work.

How do I know the work order is hidden?

You’ll know by the display of the lock icon beside the issue in your list. If the lock icon is visible, your tenant’s aren’t receiving notifications about the work order.

Work Orders for Multi Family and Commercial Properties

We understand that maintenance needs can be specific to a rental unit or they can impact everyone who resides or works at a property. This is why we created common space work orders. When your tenants create a common space work order, everyone leasing the property is notified which saves you the hassle of dealing with multiple reports. If the work order is not impacting a common space, only the tenant reporting the problem receives communication about the maintenance item.

What happens when I close a Work Order?

When a work order is closed you are prompted to enter a final cost, who complete the work and any closing notes. Tenants do not have the ability to close a work order once it is created, but they will always see their list of work orders on their dashboard until they are closed.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions about how Work Orders benefit you and your tenants, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are happy to answer any questions and we can be reached via email or by calling 419-318-0664.

We encourage all new users to schedule a free demo with our support team to answer any questions you have before you get started.

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