Three things you must do when turning over a residential rental

Turnovers are a fact of life with owning rental properties. Here are three quick tips to ensuring you maximize your effectiveness when a rental unit turns over. Although it might mean you don’t collect rent for a brief stint, you should capitalize on the access to the rental unit and set it up so your next tenant has the best experience possible.

Tip 1 – Check the hot water heater.

Make sure the hot water heater is working. There’s nothing worse than a cold shower! If your rental unit doesn’t have hot water, don’t expect your tenant to be there long without complaining. Addressing this before someone new moves in, saves you time and hassles of trying to coordinate maintenance work around the tenant’s schedule.

Tip 2 – Make sure the heat works.

If you aren’t dealing with a turnover in the winter, the furnace is something that is often overlooked. Before you turnover your rental unit make sure the heat is working by turning on the furnace. This quick check will put your mind at ease that when the weather gets colder, your tenants won’t have any problems that require a late night call to your HVAC service.

Tip 3 – Check for leaks.

Make the rounds to all faucets and drains to make sure they are clear and free of leaks. When caught early, small problems don’t cost that much to address and saves you bigger expenses down the line.

Want more quick tips?

Be sure to check back with our Rental Management Tips blog for more tips and tricks to save you time and money when managing your rental investments.


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