How RentMindMe can help landlords turnover rental properties faster

Your goal as a landlord or rental manager is to have all of your properties occupied. When your properties are fully occupied, you’re maximizing your income. Our team understands and that’s why we have built our Assets & Equipment management feature.

A standard process

Whether you are just starting out in rental management or you have been doing it for years, kind of going with the flow, here is one piece of advice that has saved time and a tremendous amount of money. The advice I received is to standardize all of the materials, equipment and assets used across your rental portfolio.

Standardizing your material list allows you to reap the following benefits:

  • You won’t waste time having to coordinate colors
  • You can bring the right supplies when you work on your rental
  • Excess supplies from one unit can be used at the next
  • You can turnover your units faster, reducing vacancy time

How RentMindMe helps you

Have you ever tried to find a photo on your phone? How aggrevating was it to scroll through photos to find one of your paint lid. Have you ever bought the wrong paint finish only to realize that one part of your wall is more reflective than another? Have you ever bought a kitchen faucet that was ideal for a rental and adopted that item as the faucet you want to install in the rest of your units as needed?

If you answered yes, RentMindMe’s Asset & Equipment management feature can help you streamline, organize and always have access to the list of standard supplies you use in your rentals. Because RentMindMe is accessible anywhere you have an internet connection, you’ll never waste time trying to find information.

Recording your assets & equipment

As you record your standard materials list in RentMindMe you’ll have the ability to attach photos, tell us where the item is used (all units, a specific group or specific unit) and declare whether or not the item is used during a turnover. Paint, blinds and flooring are examples of supplies you might need to reapply or replace at turnover. If you have told us what you think you’ll need, RentMindMe will send you a turnover checklist that you can use when prepparing to work on the vacant rental unit.

Do you work with a team? No problem, you can send the list to your team lead so everyone is on the same page about what they’ll need to complete the work as quickly as possible and get your rental unit generating cash flow.

Ready to put our technology to work for you?

That’s great news! Go to and click sign up to get your first 2 billing cycles on us. If you have questions as you get started, our team is always here to help you get up and running. You can reach us via phone at 419-318-0664 or by email at [email protected].

Happy Landlording!

– Ben Lynch | Co-Founder,

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