How to record physical payments with RentMindMe

So you’ve started collecting rent online with and life is feeling pretty good. Then all of a sudden life throws you a curve ball. Your tenant can’t pay online this month for one reason or another. What do you do?

Record the physical payment

Because RentMindMe automates your rent billing, you’ll need to record the payment to stop the software from continuing to bill your tenant. This article is intended to walk you through how to record the physical payment you’ve just receive, send the tenant a receipt and stop the automated rent reminders for this month’s rent.

Don’t stress… all of that is completed as part of one action on your part.

Find the rent invoice

After you’ve logged into your RentMindMe account, click on the invoices tab from your dashboard.

Rent Invoices in

View the details of the invoice

Click on the invoice number to review the details of the invoice. Once the page loads, click ‘Manually Collect Payment’.

A rent invoice from

Tell RentMindMe how much you’re collecting

Record the payment amount you’ve received, tell us how the tenant paid and add notes for posterity’s sake. Be careful though, your tenants see the notes you add on their version of the receipt.

Collect full or partial rent payments

What happens after I record the payment?

Once you record the payment, the following will take place automatically:

  • Your tenant gets a receipt
  • The tenants current balance is updated to reflect their new balance
  • Rent Reminders will stop until the next invoice is generated
  • Your tenant will see a record of having paid in their Payment History
  • Your income & expenses for that property are updated to reflect the payment

It’s that easy

RentMindMe automates the management of your rental properties so you can focus on what matters most to you!

Learn more about recording physical payments by watching this short video. Additionally, you can find more help content on our website.

If you still have questions or would like to schedule your free demo, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 419-318-0664.

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