Text notifications and reminders

The benefits of enabling text notifications in RentMindMe.com

Enabling text notifications in RentMindMe is not only easy, it provides several benefits to both landlords and tenants. When you have text notifications enabled, you’ll get instant confirmation of rent payments, maintenance issue updates and lease renewals. This tutorial will step you through how to enable text notifications for your RentMindMe profile. Because we know…

Data needed to add a user to RentMindMe.com

How to add a rental manager to RentMindMe.com

This tutorial will provide you the steps to follow for adding a rental manager to your company in RentMindMe. Why add a user to RentMindMe There can be several reasons why you may need to add another user to your company’s RentMindMe.com profile. Some of those reasons include: You manage your rental portfolio with your…

Easily manage rental collection with RentMindMe

How to record physical payments with RentMindMe

So you’ve started collecting rent online with RentMindMe.com and life is feeling pretty good. Then all of a sudden life throws you a curve ball. Your tenant can’t pay online this month for one reason or another. What do you do? Record the physical payment Because RentMindMe automates your rent billing, you’ll need to record…

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