Save time and streamline communications with bulletins

We’ve all been there, you have to communicate with a group but don’t want to deal with the resulting flood of responses a group text leads too. Maybe you don’t mind the group text but prefer that your tenants don’t have each others contact info. That’s why RentMindMe offers bulletin communications.

What are bulletins?

Bulletins allow you to send a communication to one or all of your tenants. You can tailor the message to a specific unit or group as well.

Creating a bulletin is easy

In addition to selecting your audience, you can specify the start and end date, the title and the message you want your tenants to receive.

To get started, click on the icon (or your picture) in the upper right of the navigation menu. On mobile, click the three lines at the bottom right of the screen. From the menu click/tap on bulletins. Click on the add bulletin tab.

Previewing your message

RentMindMe provides you with a easy to understand preview of what your message will look like when your tenants see it. The preview represents how your message will appear for users who have signed in to to their profile.

Your tenant’s experience

In addition to seeing your message when they sign in, your tenants will receive an email notification and a text if they have opted into receiving SMS notifications. Say goodbye to tenant’s claiming they didn’t know about something you thought was important.

Additional help content

A help video for bulletins and other topics can be found in the how it works section of In the event you need assistance you can always call our Customer Service team at 419-318-0664. If you are new to RentMindMe you can schedule a free demo with our support team.


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