Why shared contacts are useful

My wife and I self manage our rental properties. We are able to maintain that control based on using RentMindMe to manage our portfolio. The software has reduced our management tasks significantly. As we plotted out the featues that RentMindMe would offer, we recognized that each of us manage contacts in distinct ways.

Shared Contacts

RentMindMe’s shared contacts feature provides you with the following benefits.

Visibility for all business partners

Because RentMindMe supports having more than one manager within a company, each user has equal access to your company’s contacts. Never waste time on asking your business partner for someone’s contact information again.

All Real Estate related contacts in one place

Have you ever taken the time to look at how contacts get stored in your phone? How many Mikes or Johns do you have? RentMindMe lets you keep your business contacts in the place where you’ll likely need them most often.

Click to Call / Click to Email

As you are managing your rental properties, you may need to get in touch with a contact. Maintain your thought process by calling or emailing from within the RentMindMe experience.

Scaling your team

As your portfolio grows, you’ll need team members. As you add users to RentMindMe to help with management activities, they automatically gain access to your contacts. When someone leaves your team, removing their access to RentMindMe removes their visiblity to your contacts.

Ready to get started?

As you can tell, RentMindMe provides a simple yet robust solution for managing rental properties. To start simplifying your rental management, sign up today.

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